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Euro < 26 and European Youth Card Association (EYCA)

The Euro < 26 youth card offers great discounts for young people across Europe. But it is so much more than just a card. It is the key for young Europeans to information, mobility, culture and participation. Through a range of services, discounts and advantages, the Euro < 26 card encourages young people under 26 to make informed life choices, explore their world, and play a full part as citizens of Europe in today's society.

The Euro<26 card is the only one for all young people under 27, regardless of whether they are students, working, unemployed, parents, or trainees.

Each EYCA member arranges discounts, advantages, services and information in their own country for their young cardholders. The Euro<26 logo ensures that these discounts are automatically accessible to all cardholders throughout Europe. There are currently about 100.000 advantages including:

  • Culture: theatres, cinemas, concerts, museums, events
  • Transport: buses, trains, ferries, air travel
  • Travel: accommodation, holidays, travel, language courses
  • Services: insurance, help lines
  • Shops: CDs, books and a variety of goods

All of these, combined with youth information means the Euro < 26 card is opening doors for young people across the continent.

Euro < 26 card offers you fantastic discounts in Montenegro

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