Turističke Takse Tourist Taxes

Tourist taxes in Montenengro

Visitors to Montenegro are subject to a daily tourist tax according to The law on residential tax.

Residential tax is an approximate amount which is being paid by the person that out of its place of residence is using the services of accommodation in an accommodation facility in which tourist or hotelier activity is taking place.

Accommodation facilities are considered to be: hotel, motel, inn, tourist apartment, rest home, camp, mountain home, room for rent, and all other facilities which provide the services of accommodation.

Residential tax is constituted between 0,10 and 0,80 €. The municipality with their regulation determines the amount of the residential tax.

Most travel agencies issue tourist tax coupons if you are an independent traveler. If you are staying in a hotel the tourist tax will be collected by the hotel and they will resister you and provide you with a coupon. You will be asked to show the coupon upon leaving the country so it is wise to ensure you visit a tourist agency within the first 24 hours if possible of your stay.

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