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How to reach Montenegro

Montenegro is easily reached due to its geographical location in the southern part of Central Europe

By Air:

Montenegro is an air destination with very frequent charter flights during the tourist season. While you can arrive in Montenegro at two international airports (Podgorica and Tivat) and one in Croatia (Dubrovnik) the majority of travelers disembark at the Belgrade (Serbia) airport. There are several flights per day between Belgrade and Podgorica/Tivat by JAT Airways and Montenegro Airlines.

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By Train:

Montenegro can be reached by train as there is connection via Belgrade. Trains from Western Europe and Russia go via Budapest to Subotica, Novi Sad and Belgrade, or you can get a train from Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey to Belgrade.

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By Road:

The total length of roads in Montenegro is about 5200 km. Please be careful on your way, the roads are in pretty bad condition.

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By Sea:

Montenegro is connected with whole world by the Adriatic Sea, and there are regular ferries on routes: Bar-Bari, Bar-Ancona.

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