Barska Rivijera Bar Riviera

Bar Riviera

Bar is situated at the south-eastern part of Montenegro. This area is so abundant in everything that modern tourism requires and due to this Bar has no equal, no matter how hard we try to find one. It is rich in terms of geographical attributes. Nature gave birth to what was the most beautiful, so different and still the same, a gift for all to enjoy and use. 

The town of Bar

This entire area, surrounded by water, comfortably and warmly dozes between the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake. The Rumija Mountain rises high up to the skies between these two watery giants. There are tillable areas with numerous springs spreading down from the mountain to the sea with fields of rich fruits of Mediterranean flora and agriculture, while the other,more steep and sunnyside, slopes towards the Skadar Lake and is suitable for raising cattle, vineyards, as well as the sport hunting and fishing.

The seashore is most jagged at the junction of land and water. The most beautiful beaches are those where rivers and streams run into the sea. These pebble beaches were given names like Golden Beach, Pearl Beach, Red Beach, Wave of Olives, etc., by visitors who have enjoyed in their special beauty. The sun, seawater, and radiance of sandy beaches present a group of beneficial elements that characterize warm seas, which have always been not only conquerors' target, but a target of modern tourists as well.

Beaches in Bar

Surrounding these beaches are small towns with houses, villas, hotels and restaurants - this is what the environment of the tourist area of Bar looks like.

Bar, situated between the old part of the town and a modern port, is a new town in the process of development, with different architectural styles and modern squares, promenades, wide boulevards with a variety of Mediterranean plants such as palms, pines, oleanders, agaves

The cause of many wars in history was beauty (for ex. the Trojan War was made because of the beauty and charms of Helen). However, historians have never claimed that there were wars caused by the beauty of nature. That is why, the area of Bar was for centuries a destination on the map brought about by the greed of many conquerors (Byzantines, Venetians, Turks). They brought their religion and cultures with them and built this area. There are many varied archeological sites and other monuments witnessing these historic events.

The eternal beauty of the Bar area, its beaches, waters, moderate climate, Mediterranean plants, cultural and historical monuments, cultural and entertainment and sports events provide special opportunities for you to come and discover all the beauties of this place and enjoy them.

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