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The Mountains of Montenegro

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Most of the surface area of Montenegro is taken up by the Dinaric Alps, a great string of mountains, extending in furrowed ranges from Slovenia and Croatia in the north, and reaching their greatest altitude in inland Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia.

Montenegro Mountains

Rising in some places almost sheer from the Adriatic, these mountains throw themselves up in soaring, jagged limestone tops, and have alternately been compared to strings of pearls, and to the entrance to hell itself. The fierce, rugged character of the Montenegrin highlands is reflected in the name of the mountains running along the northern part of the Albanian border: Prokletije, meaning the accursed mountains. The landscape is also rich in wildlife and plants, from the diverse birdlife of Skadarsko jezero to the primeval forest of Biogradska gora.

The Mountains of Montenegro


Mountain Ljubisnja is located in northern Montenegro. The highest peak is Derneciste at 2238 meters. There is a zinc and lead mine, "Hollow Rock." The mountain is covered with coniferous forests, is known by a variety of domestic and medicinal herbs. Snow is often present in summer, in winter falls few meters. The nearest town is Pljevlja, distance is about thirty kilometers


By many, it is the most beautiful mountain of Montenegro. The "pearl"of the mountain is Biogradska lake where the rivers blend together. Bjelasica has easy accessibility, a great wealth of forests, and rivers. There are the green summers and white winters. The top of Bjelasica, the "Black Head" is 2139 meters high


It is northwest from Podgorica. Provides in the direction north-south-east. Known of many historical events


It is northwest from Niksic. The highest point is on 1945 meters. North-west of the mountain is Golijski region, known by farming.


Mountain Durmitor is also an National Park in Montenegro. The mountain peak is "Bobotov kuk" 2523 m in height. Name originated from the Celtic word "dru mi tore" which means "the mountain full of water". Durmitor area, beautiful and untouched, an authentic art of nature, is declared as a National Park in 1952. Situated on the north of Montenegro with the Tara canyons and other parts continue on 39 000 ha. There are eighteen beautiful glacial lakes called "Gorske oci"(mountain eyes). Largest and the most attractive is the "Crno jezero" (Black Lake), two kilometers away from mountain Zabljak, a ski center of Montenegro. The most value treasures of Montenegro are mighty rivers and canyons . Durmitor is the right place for scientists and nature lovers


Lovcen is located in the southwestern part of the country and extends to the coast of the Adriatic sea .The mountain peaks are "Stirovnik" and "Jezerski vrh" 1749 m and 1657 m in height.


Orijen is the highest mountain of Dinaric region. The highest peak "Zubacki kabao" is 1894 m in height, there are six more peaks over 1800 m above sea level. The amount of rain on this mountain is highest in Europe. The mountain is covered with beech-fir forests.


The mountain in the Montenegrin coast, between the Skadar lake and Barsko polje (field).The highest mountain peak is 1593 m in height. Northeast side is deficient in water, while the southwest has more water springs and three little rivers "Zeleznica",
"Bunar" and "Medurjec". Once covered in compact forests, now only parts deciduous tree and pine forests. There are also large pastures on the slopes and smaller settlements.


It's a mountain southeast of Durmitor, "Jablanov vrh" is the peak 2203 m in height. There are a lot of mountain pastures.


Somina is on Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina border. The highest peak is "Tikvina" 1601 m in height. It is near the Golija and Njegos mountains. It was named by a conifer, scrub plant.


Hajla mountain is part of "Prokletije", on the Kosovo and Montenegro border. The mountain peak is 2403 m in height. It's includes "Ahmica" mountain also.

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