Hrana i Piće Food and Drinks

Montenegrin Gastronomy

You can feel Montenegro most by the taste of national specialties. Diverse cuisine is roughly divided into three zones coastal, mountainous and central.

In the mountainous area, you can enjoy the lamb and dairy products. Try lamb "ispod sača" (some kind of grill pan), diverse wildlife, but also other dishes - grilled trout, as well as traditional mountain dishes like "kačamak" and "cicvara", which is remarkably complete with homemade sour cream.

In the coastal area the most present is fish. Fish is prepared in several ways, the "gradele" (barbecue), boiled, fried and "brodet". During frying fish is coated with the aromatic herbs like rosemary and serve with a sauce of olive oil with sliced onion and parsley. The most popular brodet is made of sardine, this is Bokelj's (people from Boka Kotorska) specialty, with "palenta" - a side dish of corn flour. The Skadar lake specialty is "krap" (fish) prepared with dried plums, apple and quince .You can also try "krap" fried with onion, eel "na orizu" or grilled eel.

The Cetinje area specialty is "rastan" (cabbage) with smoked meat with aromatic herbs. This dish is an integral part of the winter menu in Montenegro.

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