Rafting na Tari Tara Rafting

Tara River Rafting

Tara canyon gathers all those who like adventures and exciting contact with nature. Water attractions from the world's famous amusement parks are just a bad simulation of the real excitements that are unavoidable while rafting along the Tara river. Besides nature's beauty, rafting almost along the whole course will add to the excitement.

The raft is made of logs and it is rowed by brave and skilled people who used to transport timber in the lower course of the river in this way. One who gets up the courage will always remember the sun rising in the canyon or the night when the only light was a narrow line of the star-studded sky and swarm of fireflies. Although rare, there are places whose beauty is difficult to describe. Simply, you feel it in the perfect natural harmony of a roaring river, of a canyon, of lush or sparse vegetation, or of the sky.

Rafting the Tara River is an incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers. The Tara canyon, which is 1.3km deep at some points, is the deepest and longest in Europe. UNESCO desiginates it as a world heritage site. There are rocky and pebbly terraces, sandy beaches, high cliffs, and more than 80 large caves along the canyon. The Tara River is the biggest European supply of drinking water. As you go rafting down its rapids you can drink it!

You can go rafting by boat or wooden raft along 100km of the most beautiful and the most exciting part of the Tara. You leave from Splaviste, where you can see Ljutice falls, the Tara Bridge (150m high), the old Roman road, and Lever Tara. Then, you pass the wild Funjicki and Bijele ploce rapids, Miso's spring where the canyon is the deepest (1100m), beneath Curevac peak (1650m), the falls of the Draga river, and Radovan luka. The following scenery simply takes your breath away by its beautiful nature and the strength of the rapids. There are Tepacki falls, the Susica canyon,and Bailova sige.

The rafting ends at Scepan polje. On your river trip, either lunch or dinner is served in the natural environment by the river. You can taste the regional specialities: cream, cheese, lamb, and bread baked in an iron pan under the embers. Rafting tours start from these departure points: Splaviste, Radovan Luka and Brstanovica.

The one day rafting route, from Brstnovica to Scepan polje is 18km long and it takes 2 to 3 hours. This part of the canyon is the most exciting because the river has the biggest drop inelevation in the shortest length. There are 21 out of 50 rapids in this part of the Tara. The rapids are Brstanovici, Pecine, the very dangerous Celije rapids, Vjernovicki rapids...

Have a great time!

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